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Eibach Coilovers - Pro Street S: Now using the very same Eibach technology used in Formula 1 racecars, you an get each corner of your vehicle looking and performing at its very best. Eibach´s exciting new Pro-Street-S, stainless steel-bodied coil-over spring/damper packages allow serious drivers the ability to quickly adjust the ride height and corner weight of each individual wheel, giving them the ultimate in flexibility for precise street and track tuning.

Eibach ERD Racing Dampers and ERS Racing Springs are used in top-level racing series all over the world. We have used this experience, gained from many decades at the highest levels of International Motorsport, including Formula 1, NASCAR, CART, IRL, Super Touring Car and the World Rally Championship, to put these technological masterpieces into the hands of performance enthusiasts everywhere.

Eibach Pro-Street S Coilovers Kit for 03-11

$2,066.00 Regular Price
$1,644.80Sale Price
  • eib5544.711

    * High Performance, Eibach Tuned Coil-Overs
    * The Next Level of Suspension Technology
    * Easy Ride-Height/Corner Weight Adjustability - Lowering 0.8" - 3.0"
    * Optimal Tuning for Aggressive Performance
    * No Guesswork: Install, Set Alignment and Carve
    * Rust-Free Stainless Steel Technology
    * Legendary Eibach Suspension Quality and Tuning
    * Two-Year Warranty
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