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SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood: SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hoods are designed to replace your factory hood and accept all hinges, latches and windshield sprayers for 100% Bolt On fitment. Cut weight in style with SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hoods.

All SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood should be installed with Hood Pins. Although SEIBON Hoods do bolt-on, it is recommended that vehicles that will be used on street or racing circuits use Hood Pins for additional safety.

All SEIBON Carbon Fiber Products are:
* Hand Laid
* ‘Wet’ Carbon Fiber
* Clear 'Gel' Coated from the Factory
* Inspected Before Shipping

SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood; OEM Style

$895.00 Regular Price
$784.00Sale Price
  • seiHD0405MZRX8-OE

    SEIBON Carbon manufactures and wholesales quality carbon fiber auto body components, such as carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber trunks, carbon fiber fenders, etc. We serve mainly sport compact cars. SEIBON products can be seen on vehicles that have lent themselves to TV shows, racing events, magazine covers, national and regional auto shows, and other media type outlets.

    SEIBON was founded by genuine automotive enthusiasts and was introduced to the automotive aftermarket industry in 2003. Realizing the high demand for top-quality and durable carbon fiber components, we set out to fill the void many enthusiasts were craving. SEIBON products are stylish and functional. Everything is made from deluxe French- or US-made carbon fiber, and is inspected meticulously through a multi-step quality control process. In-house design teams maintain and introduce proprietary designs on a variety of applications.
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